First Email to Students before Second Class -- July, 27, 2019

HTML 5 is the Language that forms the content and structure for a rendered HTML file ( *.html ). WE all ( John, Pooja, Brandon, David, Tanya, Florence,Markus,Alex, James, and Nikhaz ) meet on Saturday afternoons to learn about HTML 5 in several ways: (1) actual coding, (2) understanding terms and concepts, (3) wide network understanding how HTML pages are structured and delivered to the client. And other stuff.... Participation on this forum constitutes class attendance. Join the conversation for the times between weekends when we meet. Thanks everyone.
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First Email to Students before Second Class -- July, 27, 2019

Post by james » Sat Jul 27, 2019 9:25 am

Hello HTML students,

this is just a short test message to see if we can communicate by way of email.

Some people (students) have written to the forum – thank you: ... 7a2a961bce

Last week we just started to understand how HTML fits into web design, we used our IDE, Visual Studio Code to set-up a page and view it in the browser; our first website.

Today …. We continue building on that page…. See you all there … and on the forum.


James Canavan


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