Class details (Syllabus)

Helen, Kristi, Jan, Amy, Deborah, and James wake up together in a classroom where we study CSS. CSS is the syntactical language of presenting and building the specification for websites on the Internet. We communicate here in the early morning...
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Class details (Syllabus)

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Collin College - Continuing Education
Course Syllabus

Course Title: Cascading Style Sheets - 70199

Date/Time/Sessions: 10/31 - 11/14 | Mon / Wed | 9 -noon CYC | |
Instructor: James Canavan
Class Web Site: <-- Class Forum

Course Description:
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) provide an easy but powerful way to control the style and appearance of the content on web pages. A single style sheet can control a whole web site, providing consistency across the site. The CSS language syntax is compact and easy to learn. SASS, Bootstrap, and WordPress implementations will be introduced.

Course Prerequisite(s): HyperText Markup Language

Course Objectives: Learn CSS concepts, syntax selection techniques. Control display of images, colors and typography.

Textbook(s): CSS: The Missing Manual, 4th Edition
Publisher: O’Reilly; Author: McFarland; ISBN: 978-1491918050

Next Class Possibilities: Introduction to JavaScript

Instructor Notes: Please use the class forum to interact with fellow students.

Lesson Plan – by week or session
Session 1: HTML for CSS
Creating Styles and Style Sheets
Selectors: Identifying What to Style
Session 2: Saving Time with Style Inheritance
Managing Multiple Styles: The Cascade
Formatting Text
Session 3: Margins, Padding and Borders
Adding Graphics to Web Pages
Sprucing up Your Site’s Navigation
CSS Transforms, Transitions, and Animations
Session 4: Formatting Tables and Forms
Introducing CSS Layout
Building Float-Based Layout
Session 5: Responsive Web Design
Positioning Elements on a Web Page
CSS for the Printed Page
Improving Your CSS Habits

Course Sessions: listed are a guideline to indicate all topics that will be covered during your course. Do not plan your personal calendar based on these sessions. Your instructor will give you a calendar for your class that will indicate specific topics, assignments, and days.

Method of Evaluation: Unless otherwise stated, course completion is evaluated on the basis of attendance. Students must be in attendance 90% of the class time in order to be considered a successful completer of the course.

Students must be in attendance 90% of each course in a certificate series for successful completion and to earn a certificate as specified.

Students must complete all courses (core and no. of elective courses needed) to complete a certificate series within two years from start date of the first course taken.

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