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Wednesday's JavaScript Class -- Part 1

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 4:53 pm
by james
At our last Wednesday's class we reviewed the distance we have traveled. Three major Topics were covered: The first one concerned the syntax. From defining what a variable is in JavaScript, the types of variables available to us; up to and including the many programming constructs that build the Language. If we have a variable X and we put the Number five, 5, into it, or VAR X = 5; It's a program statement. If we add a one, 1, to that X number a bunch of times -- we build a construct. In this case, we created a counter. It Counts!

All this happens in real-time, "inside" a webpage. We have all the variable Types we need: Arrays, Numbers, Boolean, Strings, and Objects. Also, we have all the (nifty cool) constructs: Loops, Conditional Statements, assignment and comparison statements, on and on. We feel powerful now.... let's program.